Corvus v. 2020.1.0

Release date: 
Thursday, 28. May 2020
English, Czech, German, Polish, Slovak, Italian
Supported versions of the operating system Android: 
4.4.4 KitKat, 5.0 Lollipop, 5.0.1 Lollipop, 5.0.2 Lollipop, 5.1 Lollipop, 5.1.1 Lollipop, 6.0 Marshmallow, 6.0.1 Marshmallow, 7.0 Nougat, 7.1 Nougat, 7.1.1 Nougat, 7.1.2 Nougat, 8.0 Oreo, 8.1 Oreo, 9.0 Pie, 10.0
Application to download: 
New module: 

Provides basic navigation functions: possibility to record or find route, navigation along the route, compass, favourite points, ... The application works in testing mode for now, see user's guide for more information.

Banknotes recognition (Cash Reader)

Banknotes recognition application: allows you to recognize banknotes of more than 90 different currencies used around the world, the module uses Cash Reader library.


Macros application: lets you to create and run simple macros to automatize some frequently used functions of Android. E.g. toggle flight mode, mobile data etc. Macros can be run also using shortcuts on Corvus main screen. See user's guide for details.


Weather application: use it to find city or village around the world and check hourly weather forecast for next 7 days pre. Found places can be stored as favourites to access them quickly. Module uses data from Meteoblue company.

New feature or improvement: 
Medicines catalogue functionality (available in medicines module): allows to find detailed information about particular drug in ADC code-book - Slovak electronic database of pharmaceutical and related products. See user's guide for more information.
The free version of Corvus now contains also modules weather, medicines and macros and also speech settings.
2-2fingers swipe up now opens Corvus status screen. See user's guide for more information.
2-2fingers swipe down opens Android quick settings screen. Works in whole Corvus environment.
Suppress system dialogs functionality was strongly improved.
It is now possible to set (see screen reader settings) to disable also speech when disabling explore by touch by pressing both volume buttons simultaneously. See user's guide for more information.
Deleting text by 1-2 fingers touch is now more responsive.
The Corvus keyboard used out of special environment allows to use Corvus context menu. You can use all functions except read qr code functionality in this menu.
It is now possible to run some functions on focused element in screen reader using context menu. use combined gesture up and right to open context menu in screen reader.
Corvus file manager now provides a kind of simple mode which makes use of file functions easier for beginners. See user's guide for more information.
It is now possible to disable tones when switching between Corvus environment and screen reader. See verbosity settings.
We added a new keyboard typing by choosing. It can be useful on devices without touch screen and with limited number of buttons. See user's guide for more information.
The application of Slovak library for the blind lets user to receive notifications about new books and magazines. It is possible to download these documents directly from notification. See user's guide for more information.
It is now possible to enable intelligent focus in screen reader settings. If enabled, then Corvus screen reader tries to intelligently merge related textual nodes which boosts working performance when swiping through user interface of applications.
It is now possible to label unlabelled elements in Android environment. Use screen reader's context menu on unlabelled element to invoke this functionality.
The sliders in Android environment can be now changed in android 7 and later along the standard hold and pull method also by using our special slider mode. See user's guide for more information.
The value of sliders in android 7 and later can be also set by entering a numerical value. Check context menu on slider.
Corvus e-mail client now properly uses inreply-to and reply-to headers, so replying to conferences and ordering mails in threads now works as expected.
Section gestures in help menu now contains context sensitive help (list of gestures) for screen reader.
You can now use long press of 2-shift (dedicated shortcut for go to home) on Corvus during call screen to jump to Corvus home screen and work with the phone during call. Swipe to the left on Corvus main screen to return back to the during call screen.
It is now possible to download file played from the internet in Corvus music player. Use save item in context menu of playback screen to do it. Downloaded files will be saved to podcasts directory, which is a subdirectory of Corvus directory on internal storage of your device.
The context menu of rss reader main screen (the screen which lists message folders) now contains files item which opens abovementioned podcasts directory.
Functionality or controll change: 
Functionalities working with compass and GPS now uses central service which informs user using notification on Android notification row. The service is now used by sporting app, navigator and location functions.
Module books in applications is now renamed to .txt files viewer.
Download books application was slightly changed to make things more consistent. All libraries are now enabled by default, use item named active libraries in context menu of books downloader main screen to toggle them, settings dialog for particular library was moved into that library, you can access it also via context menu in all lists of books.
Double tapping on Slovak library for the blind in books downloader now opens application of SKN.
Notepad application now uses multiline edit when creating new note.
Screen reader now automatically announces current value in percent when some slider focused.
We improved automatic pause of playback in Corvus music player, it now behaves more intuitively.
The default keyboard in dialog for entering license string is now numbers keyboard.
The title of during call screen now contains name or phone number of person whom you talk with.
Default values of touch and swipe sensitivity in new installations of Corvus are now set to low.
Long shift is now announced by beep and also by short vibration.
Thanks section was updated.
Fixed bug: 
Fixed a bug which caused frequent GPS connection loss in sporting application.
Fixed a bug which caused that the title of the window sometimes contained wrong information about active profile.
Fixed a bug which caused problems to run recorder in some specific situations.
Fixed a bug which caused that it was not sometimes possible to add new WIFI network on some devices.
Fixed a bug which caused that in very specific situations, music player with playing track moved to background and it was not possible to stop playback.
Fixed a bug which caused that some Corvus notifications contained HTML mark-up.
Fixed some bugs in visual of application.
Fixed a bug which caused that the recognized text when used speech dictate function was typed to edit twice.
Fixed a bug which caused incorrect pronunciation of SMS messages starting with number.
Fixed a bug which caused that reply to all item in e-mail client didn't work.
Automatic scrolling now works as expected also in all android settings dialogs on Samsung devices with Android 10.
Fixed a bug which caused that Corvus improperly reported power of signal on some devices.
Fixed a bug which caused that it was not possible to add e-mail addresses to CC and BCC fields in e-mail client using contacts list.
Fixed a bug which caused wrong output when deleting one notification in notifications list.